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      Last week, I went to Guangzhou with my friends. We were so excited about the trip, it took us three hours to arrive in Guangzhou railway station. At first, we were so confused about how to get out of the railway station, then we saw the big sign which showed us to take the metro. When we got to the subway station, a big picture was showed in front of us, we figured out our way quickly. When we were in the metro, we counted the time, we never thought it was so quickly, we just spent ten minutes to reach our destination, we found our hotel soon. Metro is so convenient, we don't have to go out of the railway station, we just need to find the subway's entrance. What's more, it is very fast, unlike bus, which will turn around many roads, metro just goes the straight line.


      It is said that the scene of sunrise is beautiful, but I had never seen it before. It was so hot lastnight that I didn't sleep well. Early this morning I got up and came to the balcony to relax. Itwas cool outside. I looked up at the sky, the sparse stars twinkling there. Everything aroundme was dim. I gazed at the east, where the sky was lightening. After a while, the starsdisappeared and the buildings, trees, streets in the distance could be seen faintly. Slowly, thehorizon in the east was becoming reddish. The red color extended continuously and wasbecoming thicker and thicker. At last the sun showed its face a little, gradually into a halfflaming ball, and whole ball appeared, shining brightly. Everything around me was clear. What abeautiful sunrise I saw!


      To build a conservation-oriented society is the newconcept for our country.

      How to make it? I think to build a conservation-oriented society can from two sides.

      Firstly, saving energy would be the first thing. Weneed to save all resource that we use in our daily life.We need to change our habit of extravagance and waste.

      Secondly, we had better try our best to recycle something so that we can have more resourceto use.For example, the water that we have used to wash vegetable can be used to wash toilet again.

      If we can do these, I believe building a conservation-oriented society is not a difficult thing.

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